Investing in
better humans

Better humans make better leaders. For years, we hired coaches to grow into more effective partners to our founders and each other. We've taken the next step: committing
capital toward the personal development and
mental health of the founders we partner with.

Crosscut commits 1% to developing better leaders

Starting a company takes vision, passion and grit, but we never forget that founders are also human beings. That's why Crosscut commits at least one percent of all capital invested toward leadership development, coaching, and founder mental health. Partnering with the elite high-growth coaches at Evolution, we've crafted resources designed to build bespoke programs that foster founder success.

Who you are drives what you do and how you do it

When we better understand each other’s motivations and challenges, we are all better partners. Empathy can create a clear path toward developing closeness and a trusted relationship between coach, founder, and investor. To de-stigmatize topics of mental health and vulnerability, our programs also focus on consciousness, well-being, leadership, organizational design and culture development.

Resources available:

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Coaching for the founder

0 2

Cofounder alignment

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Management training

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Facilitation and team planning retreats

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Mindfulness and life balance

0 6

Founder meet founder events and coaching groups

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Organizational design

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Culture development

One size does not fit all

To support founders who are rapidly scaling but want to stay true to themselves, our coaches develop bespoke programming every time. They consider all individual, relational, interpersonal, functional and technical dimensions of an organization before recommending a program, and they are experts at uncovering what a CEO or founding team needs.

We've been through it ourselves

Crosscut co-founder Brian Garrett has been writing about the hardships he faced losing his father as a teenager (VentureBeat) and how we think that affects him as an investor, husband, and father (Fast Company). Doing personal work with coaches has improved his relationships with his founders, partners, friends and family, and it permeates throughout our firm. After multiple coaching sessions and leadership retreats ourselves, we know firsthand the benefits of working with Evolution, and are convinced it will help our portfolios too.

“Matt, Geoff and the team at Evolution have been incredibly influential in my (our) development. Their unique ability to create reflection and awareness has allowed me (us) to improve as (people) a person and a leader(s). Their experience and insights have helped rationalize and navigate shifts in strategy, team dynamics as well as the discipline needed to foster high performance and fulfilling team culture. It's time well spent for any leader.”

- Geoff MacFarlane and Brian Smith, Winc