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In 2008, we defied conventional wisdom by founding a venture capital firm in Los Angeles instead of Silicon Valley. Today, we’re managing $300+ million and driving the ecosystem forward with innovative programs that
support founders and their communities.


We’re partners

We’re committed to building companies alongside you, not just writing checks. We are former founders, operators and executives and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves.

Crosscut founders Rick Smith, Brian Garrett and Brett Brewer saw the city’s potential as a technology hub in 2008 and founded Crosscut one month before the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Many of the firm’s first investments went into survival mode, but we weathered the Great Recession and eventually had successful exits with many of our teams.

The proof of concept fund proved our first bet right: LA has what’s needed to support a thriving tech entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Investing in you

Not only do we support investments in personal development and wellness, we commit capital to it. That’s why when we partner with companies, we pledge one percent to fund bespoke programs that support our founders’ growth.


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Whether it’s individualized coaching, subject matter boards, management training, or creating 360 reviews and developing your culture, we work with the best in business leadership to develop customized guidance for every step of your journey.

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The expertise you need

When we don’t have the answers, someone in our networks will. Tap our deep roots in Los Angeles’ tech community to connect with founders, operators and industry experts who can help you grow.


Learn about our early-stage tech job board for the City of LA.

Questions, meet answers. The Crosscut Collective is a curated, invite-only network of experts who help our companies tackle their toughest challenges. From engineering, product, and marketing to finance, PR, recruiting, sales, and everything in between, our Crosscut Collective has a wide range of industry and functional expertise.


Our first great bet

In 2008, Crosscut set out to prove that Los Angeles could support a robust technology entrepreneurship ecosystem. Now, we’re the most established seed-stage venture capital fund in LA.

In 2008, we weathered the Great Recession alongside our earliest portfolio companies and eventually built market-defining companies during the worst of times. We proved LA could thrive, but more importantly, the recession taught us an important lesson: stick by your founders. It’s your vision that makes or breaks a company, and we’re there to support you, especially when things get rough.


How it played out

After years of building our community in LA, we empower our city with events that bring together its most inspiring innovators, operators, and creators. From flagship events welcoming newcomers to LA to roundtable dinners that we call Crosscut Conversations, our events bring together the changemakers that are building the future of the LA tech scene. 

When you convene passionate people who are dedicated to making a lasting impact, great things happen. Whether it’s the Female Founders summits that we’ve been hosting since 2014 or our Welcome to LA event series for new Angelenos, our flagship events highlight the diversity and creativity that make LA so unique.

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